Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Paper Mario

The Wii shop is a great place to find a lot of gaming gems that I missed the first time around.

I picked up the N64 version of Paper Mario for 1000 points last week and have been having a blast playing it! It's such a cool game and looks great given its age.

I was originally going to buy Resident Evil 4 on the Wii (I missed playing it the first time around too) but I figured Paper Mario was a better choice as I can play this with my daughter. And I'm glad to say I made the right choice as she loves to join in and play "Mario Stars" as she calls it.

With a bunch of cool games coming out in the next 6 months things are looking great for the Wii.

I'm really looking forward to Mario Galaxy - the idea of letting a second player use the controller to freeze enemies is great - this could be an awesome way to play games with my kids.


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