Thursday, July 26, 2007

Making Games on the Cheap

I've written an article for PC Powerplay magazine detailing how you can make games on a shoestring budget. I use Brainiversity as an example of how you can use a number of inexpensive or free development tools to build your game.

The article is in Issue#42 of PC Powerplay magazine and should be available in all fine Australian newsagents from today!

Details on the latest issue can be found here at the PC Powerplay site.

I hope this inspires more people to make games. Often the hardest thing to getting started is knowing how to do it and what tools the "professionals" use. Once you know it can be done its a lot easier to do it yourself.


Charcoal said...
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Charcoal said...

/me makes note to pick that up

I'm guessing you list all the free alternatives to the expensive commercial products; but I'm wondering if you thought about and what your stance is on the various education providers doing games courses now.

As far as doing stuff cheap (and legally) it's good. I've paid ~$300 for 2 years of a TAFE course, giving me access not only to photoshop and 3DS MAX, but people that know how to use them.

IMO, it's a really cheap way to learn how to use the tools, have support to learn the techniques and provide the time to do some projects. (hehe, quick plug)

Passfield Games said...

Yes, I list a lot of free/inexpensive tools. I'll add these links to my site soon.

TAFE is a great option - the original programmers on Halloween Harry met at TAFE where they were studying programming.