Sunday, November 01, 2009

New Facebook Game Revealed - Hospital Town

Finally I can talk about our brand new Facebook game.

It's called Hospital Town, and it's a fun game that lets you run a hospital with your family and friends as doctors and patients.

You get build out your hospital adding new specialist rooms (like a an X-Ray room or Plastic Surgery) and customize it to express who you are. You fill your room with beds and treat patients to earn money. You can also visit your friend's hospitals and help out with medical procedures, raid their supplies or do other cool stuff.

We've done a "soft launch", which means we've just let our friends and family know about it. This gives us a chance to get some honest feedback and stress test the game on a daily basis.

But the word-of-mouth nature of Facebook means that we've already grown the small number of players to over 240 people in a few short days.

One of the things I love about Facebook is that we can react to things very quickly. Already we've improved loading times and lag and we're about to update with a new version that has lots of little tweaks and extra tutorials. It's so cool to be able to quickly evolve the game based on player feedback into the game that they want.

Check out Hosital Town here: