Monday, May 01, 2017

Learning Unity

I've been slowly wrapping my head around Unity. As I posted last month I took some time off developing Billy Carts to do a number of Unity tutorials and learn more about C# and the Unity way of doing things.

Things are progressing well and I'm starting to "get" Unity. My biggest problem at the moment is not knowing if they way I am solving a problem or implementing a system is the right way or the best way. The Unity tutorials, forums and google are certainly a help and I realise that I just have to plough forward and make stuff. I can always refactor my code later :-)

To help in my quest in getting a full understanding of Unity I've taken some advice from an old friend and am building a small game in Unity that is essentially a homage to an already existing game. Not quite a clone, but a game that has a very specific set of mechanics that I can emulate.

The reason for this is that I don't have to think about the game design and can focus on solving how to implement the mechanics and systems using Unity. Not having to think about the design of a mechanic but instead focus on implementing it is really accelerating my learning.

The game is simple and I've got the first stages of it up and running. I've given myself just over a month to complete it - which will probably end up being many times longer - but the goal is to take a game from start to finish so I can be exposed to as much Unity has to offer as I can.

I'll post some screen shots and more details soon!

- Johnno