Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sleepless In Seattle

Today was the second day of the Casual Connect conference. Only one more day to go and it's all over for the year. So to celebrate the awesomeness that is Casual Connect I went out and partied!

First up was the very cool PopCap party at a swanky night club. I managed to get my photo taken in a pool of Chuzzles with fellow Aussie Darren Baker. I may post the photo sometime soon.

Then we headed over to the Seattle Museum for the Mumbo Jumbo party. Memphis Radio Kings were playing and they did a great rendition of Prince's Purple Rain. Charlie and Tim (lead singer and guitarist) mixed it with the crowd and were really nice guys - plus Tim knew who Rodney Rude was!

The conference itself has been a blast. I've learned heaps about the casual games industry with a lot of knowledge that can be applied to the casual and core gamer markets. And the vibe at the conference is really nice and quite different to GDC or E3 (the old one) - everyone is laid back and approachable, and there's a real sense of community amongst the developers.

I can only imagine that this is what GDC must have felt like all those years ago when it first began.

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Duncan (3 Blokes) said...

Hi John,

After you've gotten back and had time to catch up with the Leigh, Zac and Ella we'd love to catch up and pick your brain about what you learnt at Casual Connect. Oh and you should come round to our office to see how the game is coming along.


3 Blokes