Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Pixar Story

I got Wall*E on Blu-ray for Christmas and it's an amazing 2 disc set.

It features the short film "Presto" which played before the movie in the cinema, as well as a new short, "Burn-E" which fills in the background to some key moments from the movie.

One of the standout extras is the documentary "The Pixar Story" by Leslie Iwerks. It's full of some great footage and is inspirational to watch. I had to smile when Lasseter talks about how Disney wanted them to make "Toy Story" edgier - I've experienced this a number of times from video game publishers - it's interesting that this seems to be a common problem in creative industries.

Luckily for us Pixar followed their gut instinct and made the movie they wanted to make.


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