Sunday, January 04, 2009

More Mac Loving

Okay, so I've had the iMac since Christmas eve and have been using it extensively. So, how have I found the switch from Windows to OSX? Amazing!

The Mac has been so easy to use that just today when I used my old Windows PC to grab some files I found it frustrating to try and navigate - and I've used a Windows box for years. Any way, I am well and truly a Mac convert.

I promise this will be my last Mac Loving blog (at least for a while) - so take it out here is a link to an interesting blog chronicling the early days of the Mac. Macintosh Stories


Anonymous said...

Gotta say John, I was keen to install OSX on my laptop to try it out but not anymore. Why? Because I think you've jumped the windows ship a bit too early.

I've now got Windows 7 Beta running on my laptop and it's the cleanest, most user friendly OS I've ever tried. If you have a spare PC give it a go. It's even got your beloved dock for apps shamelessly taken from OSX.

Alex Baldwin

Passfield Games said...

Thanks Alex, I'll give it a try.

I can't escape Windows forever (it's the biggest platform, so I need to make sure my games run under it).

So if they've created an easy to use OS then that's awesome!