Thursday, January 01, 2009

Flash Dev

It finally clicked. I've got my head around ActionScript 3.0 and have got the first Brainiversity activity running under AS3.0.

Unlearning the weird logic that AS2.0 forced upon you was the hardest part - now that I get it, AS3.0 makes a lot more sense conceptually - it's a proper game dev lanuage now!

I just have 15 more activities to re-write and I'm done :-)

Oh, and a Happy New Year to you all! We had a bunch of friends around and welcomed in the new year singing Abba tunes on PS3 Singstar. Good times.


redwyre said...

I guess I'm lucky I started with AS3 from the beginning by using flex :)

Passfield Games said...

Yes you are lucky. AS2.0 didn't have sprites - you had to use movies and it wasn't very intuitive.

And don't get me going on being able to declare a variable at any time by just assigning it a value in AS2.0. Accidentally mistype your var in code and the compiler wouldn't let you know, leaving you to painstakingly track down why your program is screwing up! Not so with AS3.0 - I love it!