Monday, February 06, 2006

Pure Sexy Performance - Apr 16th, 2005

While on a recent trip to Hong Kong, my beautiful wife got me an early birthday present. A Sony PSP.

I knew the PSP was sexy, but actually owning one and getting to spend time with it hits home just how cool it is.

What I like about the PSP and Nintendo DS is that they both do the same thing - play 3D games wirelessly - but they both do it differently and they both do it well. I really believe the future for both handhelds is strong and I'm looking forward to playing more great games on both systems.

But, back to the PSP. The battery life really surprised me. It has more staminia than I have when it comes to game concentration. So far I've not had any fears that the system will run out of juice - even on long flights. I guess the knowledge that I can buy a spare battery to keep around in case of emergency makes me feel better. And I know that Sony or some other third party will release a Super Stamina battery in the next year or so. The graphics and that screen are gorgeous. I got the same feeling watching and playing Ridger Racer on the PSP as I did all those years ago watching and playing Ridge Racer on the first Japanese import Playstation for the very first time. Pure magic.

But not only does it play games, it also allows me to view my photos, listen to music and watch movies. And transferring video is easy - click here for instructions:

And I haven't even got to playing games wirelessly yet. I can't wait until it's released in Australia and more of my friends have one. Then we'll be able to race, fight and adventure together.

A beautiful wife and a Sony PSP - how lucky am I?

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