Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Return to Oz

Today is my last day in LA. Tonight I'll be flying back to Brisbane at 10:30pm. I have books and magazines to read and games to play - but honestly, I think I'll be sound asleep soon after take off.

I also picked up one more DS game today. No, it wasn't Puzzle Quest - that game is sold out - instead I got a copy of the new Phoenix Wright game called Justice for All. I really enjoyed the first game so if this is more of the same I'll be happy. The game wasn't built from the ground up with the DS in mind (it's a GBA port), so it doesn't really support the DS as well as it could. Apparently the newest Phoenix Wright coming out in Japan is designed exclusively for the DS, so that should be fun.

For those unaware of Phoenix Wright check it out here on Wikipedia (I love Wikipedia - it seems like everything has an entry!). The game is a lawyer/courtroom drama adventure where you try and get your clients off the hook by presenting evidence to prove they are innocent while cross examining witnesses to prove they are lying. If you love casual games and crime/law TV shows then you should check it out (although it does get over the top in some places).

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