Friday, May 04, 2007

Beta Feedback

Well, the final lot of beta testing is underway for Brainiversity and I've gotten some good feedback so far. Thanks to all you folks who are playing the game!

I'll be adjusting stuff before the game ships and one of the key things I've gotten from feedback is that the grading system is a little harsh. I knew this was probably the case, but now I can use data from the beta players to calibrate the system.

So far it looks like fairly minor stuff needs fixing (touch wood) - so if all goes to plan expect to see the game soon!

On a different not, I'm off to see Spiderman 3 tomorrow evening. Should be fun, despite the poor reviews its been getting. At least now I have low expectations. Usually if I go into a film not expecting much I'm pleasantly surprised! I'll be seeing it with a bunch of Aussie friends who are living in LA - so that in itself will make it special.

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