Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One week, two launches

Last week I was very lucky to see two games launched in one week!

First up was the iPhone version of my classic point and click adventure game, Flight of the Amazon Queen which you can download from the App Store here.

Flight of the Amazon Queen

It looks absolutely amazing on the iPhone and playing it brings back a lot of memories of days gone by. The game was a lot of fun to work on, despite there only being 3 of us to make the entire thing back in the early nineties. I remember feeling bad that it took almost two years to make, but in hindsight I'm amazed it didn't take five!!!

Liron and the team at iPhSoft have done an awesome job bringing it to the iPhone. Let's hope it inspires other publishers to port their point and click adventures over as well (you listening LucasArts?)

And of course the other launch was Brainiversity. I've said a lot about this lately, so here's a nice screen shot in case you haven't read my blog for a while :-)

Brainiversity - Perfect Match game

Seriously, the game is fun to play, and the addition of the ability to challenge anyone is cool. We've been updating it almost daily based on great feedback from players - and will be rolling out new games and updates on a regular basis.

We've also got another game coming out soon - but you should follow the 3 Blokes twitter feed to find out more about that :-)


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Pete Mullins said...

wow...blast from the past! Flight of the Amazon Queen. Brings back fantastic memories from that time.Now I'm gonna HAVE to get an iPhone!