Sunday, March 22, 2009

iWork '09

After the frustration of using Microsoft Office for Mac I bit the bullet and bought iWork '09.

I had previously downloaded the iWork demo and found it fast and intuitive - but I had a copy of Microsoft Office thrown in with my Mac as part of some promotion - so I persevered with using Office. But this last week was the final straw.

For some reason PC Office files don't load up correctly within Mac Office. These PC files load up okay in iWork though. Editing PowerPoint or Word files with more than a few graphics would grind my system to a halt with Office. They load up and work blisteringly fast with iWork.

I searched the web to find answers, but only found similar complaints with no real solution except some people saying Office worked fine on their Macs.

So, sadly, there goes my last major link to Microsoft... I really tried to keep some MS connection, honest I did. But in the end I was forced to say goodbye.

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Matthew said...

I've been using Google Docs for the past few weeks and I like it )