Friday, July 11, 2008

LA Story

I'm currently chilling out at the Beverly Hills Plaza in LA. It's a nice little hotel on Wilshire Boulevard, just a short walk away from Century City - a Westfield shopping center. Funny thing about Westfield is that it's an Aussie company and they seem to have a shopping mall wherever you go these days.

The trip has been productive - and I even managed to catch up with a friend at DreamWorks Animation and another from The Third Floor.

I was hoping to head back to Brisbane tonight (Friday) but the flights are booked out until Sunday - so I've got two days to chill in LA. Now is a great time to catch up on my DS games and some books that I've neglected. In fact, I just picked up Space Invaders Extreme for the DS today - and it is a lot of fun! So I won't be bored (not that you could be in LA).

Tomorrow morning I'm heading into Santa Monica on a quest for a Barbie doll for my little girl and a cool toy for my little boy. Toy shopping can be such a drag sometimes :-).


sillytuna said...

If you're buying toys, buy one for yourself too ;) Great designer toys at Kid Robot and I think they have an LA store.

Passfield Games said...

Thanks for the tip! I ended up going to Puzzle Zoo and found that elusive Barbie (

I didn't get a chance to check out Kid Robot ( - it's on Melrose Avenue - but I will pay it a visit next time I'm in town.