Monday, April 14, 2008

Amazon Queen in Italian!

If you like adventure games and you speak Italian, then check out the Italian version of Flight of the Amazon Queen!

Joe King, Faye Russel and Sparky in the Amazon speaking Italian

Thanks to Grifen at Funware and the ScummVM team, the Italian version of my adventure game Flight of the Amazon Queen is now available to download and play for FREE! That's right, for FREE!

I love owning the IP to my old games - it means that I can do stuff like this without having to plead with a publisher to relinquish the rights to a game that isn't even published anymore.

The more people that can experience these older games the better - unlike the film and book industry our games soon become unplayable due to the march of technology. The efforts of people like the ScummVM team does a lot to maintain our gaming heritage.

Download the Italian version of Flight of the Amazon Queen from here.


Yami said...

Grazie John !!! :D

Anonymous said...

Grazie GRIFEN!