Saturday, February 02, 2008


I got my new HD 1080p Sony TV this week. Man, is it sweet. We've watched a few DVDs upscaled and they look great. Can't wait to watch some Blu-ray movies. Here in Australia Blu-ray has won the "HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray" battle so there will be a lot more titles available soon. One of the things that really hit home that Blu-ray had won was seeing animated movies advertised during Saturday morning cartoons with the tagline "Available on DVD and Blu-ray".

Only a few weeks to go before my PS3 arrives. Hopefully Burnout Paradise will be out in Australia by then. I've been playing the demo at work and it's a blast.

In other news I've made the Beta of the new version of Brainiversity open to the public. I'm not going out of my way to market it to people - I'd prefer them to find out via word of mouth... but if you want to check it out you can find it by following the links on my site :-)


Ran said...

Am I the only one that can't find it? Where is the Brainiversity beta open to the public?


Passfield Games said...

Okay, so it's not that obvious... try this link!

Joe Siegler said...

I make a strong recommendation for Cars & Ratatouille on Blu-Ray. Holy crap does it look outstanding!

Passfield Games said...

With 2 kids those are both on the top of my list. Thanks! I've heard Planet Earth is pretty amazing too.