Sunday, January 06, 2008

Game Development Bling

A really cool moment in game development is when you get your first piece of bling used to promote your game.

I'm talking about the stuff that is given away to retailers and journalists to get them excited about an upcoming title.

While doing some cleaning at home I found some Amazon Queen promotion pieces. These are from around 1995 and were used to promote the game in the UK.

Amazon Queen die-cast plane model

To hold a physical version of an idea that you've created digitally is awesome. Much more exciting than a T-Shirt (although those are cool too).

The next piece is quite interesting, it's a Zippo lighter. This is a real sign of the times - the publishers we worked with were heavy smokers back then so they pushed for this (I know one of them has quit since then) plus a lot of the journalists at that time were smokers too. I'd be surprised if something like this was made today.

Amazon Queen Zippo ligher (front)

Amazon Queen Zippo lighter (back)

The back of the lighter features artwork from the amazing Pete Mullins. He did the poster and cover box art for the game and has worked with me on some casual games stuff.

I'll see if I can dig up some more stuff and post it later.

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