Sunday, October 28, 2007

48 Hour Games Rock!

Well the 48 hours are up and the teams have produced some pretty stellar results.

I was on the judging panel with Gaute Rasmussen and Lubi Thomas and we were blown away by the quality of work these guys made in the last 48 hours.

Check out the blog here, where hopefully they'll add some more info about each game.

So congrats to:
* Team Equidna and Ben, Abbey, Michael and Kyall on their "Clunk" platformer game.
* Lurker's Craft and Adam, Kim, Paul, Phil and Scott on their space game.
* Black Van and Nick, Scott, Matthew, Yahtze and Andrew on their "Boltor saviour of the World" game.
* Sif90 and Mike, Matt, Michael, Like and Tom on their "Sticky Geckos" puzzle game.

A highlight of the night was hearing legendary Yahtzee read the prologue to "Boltor" in his inimitable Zero Punctuation style.

Apologies if I missed anyone or got your name wrong - let me know.

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