Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sound Advice

Work on the new casual game is progressing smoothly.
Here's a sneak peak from the game courtesy of artist Pete Mullins...

Recently I've been adding in sound effects to give the game some oomph and I thought it would be cool to talk about some of the resources that I use for sound.

The major sound tool I use is Audacity - a very nice and very free audio editing tool. I use it to capture my own samples recorded from my laptop, convert .wavs to .ogg file format, and to edit any freeware or purchased samples that need to be touched up.

Speaking of freeware - here are some great sites for free samples. And if you can't find a free sample to suit your needs you have the option of buying royalty free samples for bargain prices.

Flash Kit - is a flash developer site and has a selection of freeware, shareware and linkware samples.
Sound Dogs - has a lot of sound packs covering all sorts of samples starting from $9.95.

If anyone has any other great sites for music and audio samples please let me know!


VivianM said...

Hi There. Try Opuzz Royalty Free Music Library. There are some tracks to start off with when you sign up as a memeber. Great if you can't compose or use sound tools. Tracks start from $2.99 with edit versions of each track and hassle free.

Passfield Games said...

Cool - thanks for that.
They've got a huge selection of tracks on their site.