Friday, November 02, 2007


OpenSocial from Google is a new common API for building social applications across many websites. It's Google's answer to Facebook apps, and given the amount of money that Google is losing in advertising to Facebook's closed off social network it's no surprise they're striking out hard.

Google has managed to snare some pretty big partners including LinkedIn, MySpace, Ning, hi5 and Friendster. MySpace has actually dumped their own app initiative and adopted OpenSocial.

The cool thing is creating a social app is similar to creating a Google Gadget - which means Flash can be embedded. So, what does this mean for game developers? Well, hopefully it will make it easier for entrepreneurial dev teams to do some interesting stuff with social networks and easily deploy their work to a lot of places.

In other news, Halloween was awesome. I chaperoned Ella, Zac and our neighbor Regan, around the neighborhood early in the afternoon as they "trick or treated" to their hearts content. Ella went as a princess, Zac as a surfer and Regan as Superman. Together they scored lots of candy loot. Then we returned home and gave out heaps of candy to the onslaught of older kids. All up we had around 25 to 30 kids trick or treating. Not bad for an Australian neighborhood where Halloween is still a new idea.

This Sunday I'm off to New Zealand to attend the AnimfxNZ symposium. I'll be giving a talk on localizing games (put together with Gary Ireland, the Japanese language producer on Destroy All Humans! 2) as well as giving a workshop. Should be lots of fun.

Sidhe Interactive are hosting a Guy Fawkes Party on Monday night which I'm looking forward to attending. They have some great people speaking at the conference, including people from Dreamworks and Weta.

I'll post more when I return.