Monday, November 26, 2007

What They Play

What They Play is a useful new site for parents to help them make educated decisions about what games to buy for their children.

Unlike popular sites like IGN, 1Up and Gaming Age, What They Play goes out of their way to talk about games like Dora the Explorer and High School Musical. If you have kids and you're a gamer you'll realize how cool this is - trying to find balanced information on games for 3 year olds is almost impossible.

But it also covers games for older kids too, drawing attention to stuff that mainstream press reviews wouldn't - for example their coverage of Assassin's Creed warns:
"Potentially objectionable language is far from gratuitous, though it is strong. There are a few f-bombs dropped, and players will hear “b*****d” and expressions such as “d**n you all to h***.”"

Founded by industry vets Ira Becker and John Davison (who used to be the editorial director of the 1Up network) the site has the credibility of real game journalists with experience in the more serious console gaming field. In fact John is still involved in the 1Up Yours podcast so he has his finger on the pulse of hardcore gamers.

If you have kids that you'll be buying Christmas presents for this year then I thoroughly recommend that you check out the site:

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