Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

It's October 31 - and that means it's trick or treat time.

This afternoon I'll be escorting Ella and Zac around the neighbourhood as they go trick or treating in search of candy.

Ella will dressed in her traditional Halloween costume of a pink fairy. A very cute pink fairy. And Zac will be dressed as a baby boy. A very cute baby boy. And me, I'll be dressed as a game developer (jeans, t-shirt and sneakers). Not a very cute game developer.

And because it's Halloween you should check out some of my spooky Halloween themed games!

Halloween Spirit Board is a little piece of software I wrote a while back that allows you to talk with those that have "crossed over into the afterlife". (NOTE: This is marketing talk, actual product does not connect with the afterlife and is a simulation).

Halloween Harry/Alien Carnage is a cool action platformer full of zombies, monsters and all sorts of Halloween trickery. And it is 100% free!!!!! How good is that?

Have an enjoyable day and happy trick or treating.


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