Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Different Casual Game Approach

I came across this article at GigaOM about Paul Preese's Desktop Tower Defense (DDT).

DDT is a free flash game where you have to defend your desktop from invaders by placing strategically placing defenses and building a maze to channel the enemy.

Since it's launch sometime before March 07, Paul's site has grown so quickly that he now gets around 20 million pageviews a month. What's interesting is that while his game is free to play Paul earns revenue through advertising and asking for donations. He says he averages high four figures monthly from the game.

Check out the full article here at GigaOM!


Anonymous said...

Interresting system.
I've always assumed that people wouldn't donate if there were ads on a page.

Passfield Games said...

I thought the same thing too. But one thing I'm learning about the huge inter-web is that anything is possible. Which is exciting!