Sunday, June 10, 2007

Brainiversity Marketing

With the Brainiversity gold master done, I'm just waiting on my distributor to do their final round of testing - then the game should hit the web on some major portals.

Brainiversity Chart Mode

While I'm waiting I'm preparing the Brainiversity marketing plan so people who love games like Brainiversity will know it exists. Making a game is one thing, but getting people to know it's out and where to find it is another.

One thing I've learned about promoting your game is that it's usually as simple as contacting news sites with a press release and giving them a copy to check out. So many developers tend to forget to do this and wonder why their game isn't getting any press. If you don't tell people they won't know!


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Besides press releases, how else did you market brainiversity.

Passfield Games said...

I also used google ads to drive traffic to, my publisher did an excellent job of promoting the game with different bloggers (giving them copies of the game to give away), and I created a version on Facebook which drives traffic back to my site.

I also did a lot link exchanges with shareware sites - although this wasn't a huge traffic driver as it seems that shareware users are a very different demographic to casual game players.

I hope that helps.