Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brainiversity 2

Brainiversity 2 is nearing completion and is looking really cool!

As well as a bunch of new features and games we've totally revamped the interface while keeping the classic clean look of the original.

Here's a first glimpse of the main menu screen:

The big emphasis this time around is on social play. Here's the new look leaderboard:

I have the highest point score amongst my friends because I play it all the time to test out new features... so I have an unfair advantage :-)

I'll post some screen shots of the new games as we get closer to launch.


Tony Albrecht said...

Oooh. Top Brain! I rule.

I'm looking forward to number two (the game , not the movement) where I'll play more and reduce my average significantly.

Passfield Games said...

Your average should go up - I've removed the 100% cap on scores so they're no longer graded as percentages.

If you're a superhuman math machine then you can score over 120 points on Add It Up. I, however, average somewhere in the mid 100's...