Saturday, September 29, 2007

Big Brain Academy Board Game

I thought this was rather interesting... the Nintendo DS game, Big Brain Academy, has been made into a board game by University Games. It even keeps the gimmick of weighing your brain from the DS game - you earn chips for answering questions and weigh them at the end of the game on the "weigh-o-meter" to see who has the biggest brain.

Speaking of video games making the leap to board/card games, the new Halo ActionClix is out now. So when you've finished the fight on the 360 you can get further doses of Halo action sitting around a table with some buddies, a bowl of snacks and some Halo soft drink.

Of course Big Brain Academy and Halo aren't the only video games to be made into board games - there are plenty of others including Sid Meier's Civilization, Tomb Raider and my favorite - Doom: The Board Game.

I wonder if anyone is up for turning Brainiversity into a board game?


TRWong said...

Sounds kind of cool for both, will have to look into stocking both of them.

And as for other video games to board games - don't forge the Age of Empire games.

Passfield Games said...

Ah, Age of Empires - I see that number 3 came out this year.

By the way, you've got a great selection of games on your site at

trwong said...

Thanks. We try. We just over 200 board games and have an interesting new promotion and contest running for this month.

Anonymous said...

OK, big brain academy board game is totally lame. Many questions have multiple correct answers, although the answer key only show one correct answer. This is particularly true for "Analyze" wherein you select the route for two animals to meet and for "Identify" where you use certain shapes to match a drawing. There are enough shapes that you can match the drawing with different pieces.

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