Sunday, August 12, 2007

Brainiversity 1.02

I've been making a few updates to Brainiversity ready for the release of version 1.02.

It's mostly minor stuff like changing the date format to be MM/DD/YYYY, fixing up some spelling to match the US spelling standard, and doing some internal changes so the dialog box system works better. You probably wouldn't notice the changes.

That's what I like about online distribution - you have the ability to take feedback from end users and implement them in a timely manner. If anyone has the original game they simply have to download and re-install - and voila! they have a new version with the changes in place.

I've also been moving forward with my Flash development and have some cool ideas for my new improved site. As I mentioned I'll be wrapping all of my web sites together under one banner in the hope to make it easier for people to find all my games and stuff.

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